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Here are some of my favourite websites:


Sienna Run Siberians:  Jackie Symonds Siberian Husky Kennel, South Carolina, USA


The Siberian Husky Club of NSW:  Club website that contains information about the club and it's activities and the breed standard.

Siberian Husky Club of Queensland:  As of November 2004, this website hasn't been updated since mid 2001.  Let's hope that changes soon.  Still worth a look, anyway, for all you Queensland Sibes out there.  

Siberian Husky Club of Victoria:  Extensive website containing general breed information and a whole bunch of activities you can join in with if you are lucky enough to live in Victoria, Australia.


Colors of the Siberian Husky:  Huge site containing general information on the breed, colour genetics and tons of photographs.

The Huskies Domain:  Personal website containing loads of breed information.

Siberian Husky World @ WorkingDogWeb:  More Siberian Husky information and links than you can shake a sled at. 

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