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The Story of How Nikita's Page Came To Be
(Written in retrospect by Kym)

Here's what happens when you let your Siberian Husky sit with you when you use your computer. You may think that your Sibe is sleeping quietly at your feet. Beware though - that is just what she wants you to think. She is actually taking note of your every move. And before you know it you have a Siberian Husky with computer skills! A potentially dangerous and/or embarrassing situation!

And Now, Over to Nikita

Hi everyone. My name is Nikita and I was born 9 March 1998. I'm a grey and white Siberian Husky. However, when I was younger my humans always argued about what colour I was. They spent countless hours pawing over books and the Colors of the Siberian Husky site. I must admit that I did try to keep confusing them about the colour of my coat though. When they first saw me at 4 weeks of age, I was a light silver. As I aged, I just kept getting darker. As all us Siberian Huskies know though, we must always keep our humans guessing.

As a grown Sibe, I place great importance on eating, sleeping and playing. Playing, however, I especially love. My favourite activities are:

  • Chasing cats - my humans get angry with me when I do this - silly humans;
  • Pinching drink bottles from inside the house while my humans aren't looking and running outside with them - my humans also tell me off for this. Luckily these days I pride myself in being more mature and rarely do this sort of thing anymore, but it is still fun to do occasionally;
  • Digging holes in the backyard - we Sibes are good at digging what has been termed as 'husky craters';
  • Running around the backyard with my play-mate, Shakara - I love to make her chase me. It's so much fun to jump into my pool and pretend that she can't get me. She's an Australian Shepherd, but I don't hold that against her.

In addition to the above, I can often be heard arguing with my humans about basic obedience commands, such as 'sit'. Click here to hear me arguing with my Dad! My Mum also finds my howls an effective way to wake Dad up in the morning if he just won't get up. Hehehehe.

(Once again written by Kym)

In my opinion, Siberian Huskies are a wonderful breed - sweet and gentle with the capacity to be incredibly silly. However, if you are thinking about being owned by one of these beautiful dogs, its best to do a little bit of research on the breed first. They do have the tendency to be stubborn.

There is a wealth of information about Siberian Huskies on the WWW. I've included a few links on this website's "Links" page to get you started with your research.

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