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Below are a selection of photographs that my humans have taken of me.  These are thumbnail images, so just click on them to view the full-size versions and use your browsers 'back' button to return to this page.

KuteKitty1.jpg (130026 bytes)    KuteKitty2.jpg (116700 bytes)    SleepyCapt.jpg (153885 bytes)
captain.jpg (9302 bytes)

Here is a couple of photos of my old mates.  Unfortunately they have both passed away now, but I know that they are still with me in spirit.

WindowCats.jpg (89348 bytes)    Me and Priscilla in the laundry window

Cats.jpg (175597 bytes)    Me and Priscilla lazing around on the couch

coffee2.jpg (35085 bytes)    Coffee

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