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Welcome to my nook.  I have finally wrestled the computer off the humans and the dogs in order to make my own contribution to the "Shane & Kym's Place" website.  I couldn't let them have all the glory!

I have lived with my male human for over eight years now.  I'm a well-traveled cat, having been born in Victoria (Australia).  My male human bought me up to Queensland to share my life with his when I was only a kitten.  

Life was peaceful until the female human moved in.  Having her around was splendid for a while.  After all, there was another human in the house to shower affection on me.  However, shortly after her arrival, these slobbering, frightful creatures moved in as well.  I soon found out that my humans called them Nikita and Shakara and that they were dogs.  Things haven't been the same since!

I still find, however, that I have ample time to follow my favourite past-times.  These include sleeping, eating, cuddling and reminding Nikita and Shakara just which species is the boss of the household.  I am a cat, after all!

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