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Shakara's Aussie World


Welcome to my space on the web.  My best friend, Nikita, has finally decided to share her computer skills with me.  I'm not very good at typing, so my Mum is helping me type up this page.

Anyway, my name is Shakara, and I am a black tri Australian Shepherd.  I was born on 29 November 1998.  I live with my Mum, Dad, Nikita, and an annoying feline-type (Captain) in Queensland, Australia. 

My favourite past-times are:

  • Playing with Nikita - Nikita and I have lots of fun running around the backyard.  Nikita likes me to chase her, so I use my innate herding skills to great advantage in our games.
  • Cuddling - I like nothing better than a cuddle with my humans.  This is where my "nudge" technique comes in handy.  This technique involves either nudging my head under my Mum or Dad's arm, or simply putting my paw on one of their arms until they give me a big pat and a cuddle.
  • Playing with the Hose - I love chasing the water spurting out of the hose when my Mum sprays it around the back yard.
  • Playing Fetch - Definitely one of my favourites games too.  I love getting my Mum or Dad to throw my little frisbee or my ball to me.  I always beat Nikita to the ball.  :-)


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