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Below are a selection of snapshots from our wedding.  Due to copyright reasons, we are unable to publish the professional photographs on our website, so you will just have to come and visit us if you want to see them!

us_at_reception2.jpg (200121 bytes)
Us at the reception

kym_family2.jpg (149892 bytes)
Shane, me & my father

shane_family2.jpg (150263 bytes)
Shane, his mother, 
Ray & me

us_in_sled2.jpg (210953 bytes)
Our sled

bridal_party2.jpg (196690 bytes)
The bridal party

girls2.jpg (217680 bytes)
The girls

wedding_cars2.jpg (252473 bytes)
The wedding cars

sled2.jpg (283691 bytes)
Arriving at the church

boys2.jpg (224227 bytes)
The boys

cake2.jpg (156114 bytes)
The wedding cake

guests2.jpg (167032 bytes)
The hardy, remaining
guests at the end
of the night


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